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The Virginia Department of Health in conjunction with the University of Virginia Office of Continuing Medical Education and the Virginia Midwives Alliance is pleased to announce a webinar for midwives working in out-of-hospital settings.

The purpose of this webinar is to emphasize the importance of screening all infants for the potential presence of a critical congenital heart defect and to provide information on how to screen, how to interpret results and how to develop a model screening policy for out-of-hospital births. 


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The MISSION of the Office of Family Health Services is to provide the leadership, expertise and resources that enable all Virginia residents to reach and maintain their optimum level of health and well-being throughout their life.

Child and Family Health
The mission of the Division of Child and Family Health is to protect and improve the health of people in Virginia with a focus on women, infants, children, adolescents, and their families and with particular attention to providing for the needs of vulnerable and under-served populations.

Newborn Screening Program
The Virginia Newborn Screening Program is a coordinated and comprehensive system consisting of education, newborn screening tests, follow up and referral, diagnosis, medical and treatment. This service makes it possible to find out whether newborn babies have disorders or diseases that may result in serious problems if treatment is not started soon after birth.  Every newborn in Virginia is tested a few days after birth unless a parent or guardian objects on the grounds that the test conflicts with their religious practices.

UVA LogoThe University of Virginia Office of Continuing Medical Education serves as an educational and strategic resource to the School of Medicine and the Health System through the dissemination of educational programs to healthcare professionals in Virginia, throughout the United States and the world. We continue to explore new and innovative ways to build educational partnerships with our constituents by addressing public health topics that can promote improvements and wellness for our patients and families. We believe that the desire and need for continuing education require us to find strategies that are accessible, respond to clinically relevant issues in healthcare, and measure changes in the delivery of healthcare practice that promote health at the individual, family and community levels. The integration of continuing education and performance improvement in healthcare requires that we build long-term relationships with existing and new departments/organizations interested in promoting improved standards of care, and a continued sensitivity to the dilemmas faced by healthcare teams on a daily basis.

This CCHD webinar is made possible by a grant awarded to the VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH from the US Department of Health and Human Services - Health Resource and Service Administration (HRSA) – Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Grant # H46MC24062 - Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) Newborn Screening Demonstration Program.