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Human Factors / Crew Resource Management: Perspectives for Inputs to Risk Management Framework
September 2, 2015 at 9:30 AM EDT, 8:30 AM CDT, 7:30 AM MDT, 6:30 AM PDT
(90 minutes)
Oil and gas industry interest in applying Human Factors Concepts in managing risk has grown significantly since the Macondo Spill. The range of literature, industry studies, workshops, and presentations covering human factors (HF) topics is extensive. Crew Resource Management (CRM) is one of the elements of human factors also getting a lot of recent attention.

The challenge is to synthesize this information, get beyond theory, and present operating company managements with specific ideas and recommendations - insights and actionable ideas as to how human factors and CRM concepts can be applied to reduce the overall risk exposure of the enterprise.

The presentation will discuss and suggest several key “take aways” – potential “low hanging fruit” of ideas where human factors and CRM can help manage enterprise risk.