Selection and Troubleshooting of Flotation Equipment for Produced Water Treating
Recorded on November 29, 2012 (90 minutes)

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This Webinar will start with a broad overview of the different types of flotation equipment available on the market for produced water treating. Then the fundamental mechanisms of oil drop capture by gas bubbles will be described in some detail. Equipment design considerations will be discussed together with features of particular brands and models of equipment. Finally, representative performance data will be presented and discussed in light of the mechanisms and design details.

John M. Walsh is the subject matter expert for Shell in the area of produced water treating. He has more than 20 years experience in the E&P industry, having worked in the Shell technical centers for half of his career and in operating assets for the other half. He has designed water-treating systems, and provided troubleshooting support to assets all over the world including deepwater US, Brazil and Nigeria, the North Sea, onshore Europe, and onshore Middle East. He has experience in conventional produced water treating systems, and water treating for water flood, polymer flood, and steam flood.


Having earned a PhD in chemical engineering, together with extensive experience in operating units, he brings a unique combination of fundamental knowledge with first hand practical experience. He has presented more than 40 papers on the subject of produced water treating at various conferences and workshops. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of SPE as the technical director for the Projects, Facilities, and Construction discipline.