Pitfalls in HPHT Completion Design and Planning
Recorded on August 19, 2014 (60 minutes)

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This webinar will be about the pitfalls, problems, and lessons learned encountered in planning an extra-HPHT completion.  The well is an exploratory land well located in south Louisiana.  The completion interval is a sandstone below 23,000, 18.7 ppg environment, maximum anticipated surface pressure is 19,300 psi, bottom hole temperature is 395F, and H2S and CO2 are anticipated.

Examples of pitfalls encountered in completion design will include tubing design & qualification issues, perforating challenges, limited downhole production equipment, vendor selection & manufacturing challenges, and lack of service tools.  The webinar will focus on unexpected problems encountered during design and planning, and not as much on known technology gaps.

Tom Freeman is a native of New Orleans and graduated from LSU in 1979 with a degree in Petroleum Engineering.  He has spent his 34 year career working for Chevron in a variety of assignments primarily in the Gulf of Mexico including drilling, production, reservoir, business planning, Completion Engineer, Operations Supervisor, Cased Hole Superintendent, and Completion Technology.  Tom is currently the Ultra-Deep Gas Completion Engineering Team Lead looking at completion designs and technology for wells potentially completed up to 30,000 deep and 500F.