Produced Water Management: A Legacy or an Opportunity for Sustainable Field Development - AM
Recorded on June 11, 2014 (60 minutes)

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Water is required for energy resource development; conversely, energy resources are essential for developing, processing, and distributing water resources.  Fresh Water scarcity is a rapidly growing concern for the oil and gas industry. For example, deep shale natural gas development is increasingly scrutinized due to relatively “large” volumes of water required to hydraulically fracture deep shale natural gas wells and subsequently handle and treat the flow backs.  On the other hand and with maturing fields, produced water is continuously increasing to the point that in some fields it could reach 10-20 times more than the oil produced.

This presentation will address the water resources and water management during the field life. The feasibility of minimizing water use and produced water reuse is discussed.  Developing strategies for water management for a large oil field and how to turn the produced water into a valuable resource for the benefit of the community or the environment is presented through several case studies.

Dr. Zara Khatib is an expert in exploration and production with a strong technical & operational knowledge demonstrated by a successful track record in trouble shooting & delivering solutions for operations in upstream and downstream as well as strategy, portfolio & technology innovation, development, deployment & commercialization in several engineering disciplines including Reservoir, Production, Surface Facilities, Processing & Environment.

Dr. Khatib has 31 years’ experience; 28 with Shell International and 3 years with Academia. She is a holder of several international awards including the HSSE SPE award for 2011.  Dr. Khatib designed and led the Water to Value, multi-discipline team delivering solutions for increasing hydrocarbon recovery factors & turning waste water to a valuable product through integrated water management solutions with Well & Reservoir Management. 

In addition to her numerous inventions and papers, Dr. Khatib was a SPE Distinguished Lecturer on “ Integrated Water Management” and has served as a United Nations Expert Group member on Climate change advising on Energy and Water for the UN commission on Sustainable Development and has been a Member of the G8 and World Energy Council of Clean fossil fuel since 2005.