Challenges of Upstream Operations to Separator Design
Recorded on March 25, 2014 (90 minutes)

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The webinar will present an overview of current Gravity Separator Design Guidelines and how the guidelines are applied for Upstream Operations. Key to the design of separators are the challenges of upstream operating conditions including high turbulence, emulsions, solids, and surging rates among others.

During this event we will cover the:

Over view of current Gravity Separator Design Guidelines
Application of Guidelines for Upstream Operations 
Challenges of upstream conditions (high turbulence, emulsions etc.) to Separator Design

Mike Power
Senior Process Engineer
Process & Process Safety, UEC
BP Exploration, Sunbury UK

Michael Power has 25 years of experience with BP Upstream Engineering Center specializing in Separation and Sand Management. He has extensive experience troubleshooting operational separation challenges and the impact of solids management on separator performance. Michael also has experience working for Petrochemical Contractors, National Oil Company, Chemicals, and in Refining.