Putting The Energy Industry In Perspective - AM
Recorded on March 19, 2014 (60 minutes)

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Energy is the most important commodity that defines the modern world. Without access to affordable energy, the economic health of the planet and the survival of our civilization itself, are at risk. This brief talk puts in perspective the importance of hydrocarbons - past, present and future – while also touching on alternative energy sources and their possible contribution as supplements or replacements for hydrocarbons, in the coming years.

We are certainly in a period of transition for our primary energy supplies– but that transition will be long and it will be both painful and unnecessarily expensive if we make the wrong decisions today. Vilified by politicians, environmentalists the media and even the wider public, the energy industry still has to power the world, exploiting existing reserves while trying to identify and develop newer discoveries. Against a backdrop of unrealistic eco-political promises, fanciful claims for wind and solar power, media disinformation and general public ignorance, our industry has to contend with issues as diverse as climate change, pollution and accusations of cost-cutting on important technical and HSE matters.

For those who want a more balanced view and want to be intelligent contributors to the debate on energy and the environment, this talk will be both enlightening and entertaining.  Its conclusions may be surprising and disturbing but that does not make those conclusions any less compelling.

Phil Rae
InTuition Energy Associates

A native of Aberdeen and a graduate of Aberdeen University, Phil Rae has been involved in the oil industry for over 30 years and has lived and worked in most regions of the world. He has wide-ranging theoretical and practical knowledge of oilfield operations. In addition to authoring some 40 SPE papers, Phil has also written numerous technical papers and articles for various oil and gas industry publications. He has been involved in the development of several key completion and stimulation technologies and holds several patents in these areas.
Phil has been a co-chair and committee member on several SPE Forums, Advanced Technology Workshops and Technical Conferences and served on the SPE Forum Series Implementation Committee – Western Hemisphere. Phil was the recipient of the SPE Asia-Pacific Regional Service Award for 2004 and the SPE Asia-Pacific Technical Award for Drilling and Completions in 2005 and was a Distinguished Lecturer in the 2004-05 and 2012-13 Lecture Season.

Phil is the director of InTuition Energy Associates, a training and consulting company based in Singapore and is the Chairmen of the SPE Asia-Pacific Region Technical Advisory Committee.