Dual Gradient Drilling 101
Recorded on August 27, 2013 (90 minutes)

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This Webinar covers the subject of Dual Gradient Drilling, and starts with an explanation of pore and fracture pressure gradients and their importance in the drilling process.  The basic understanding of pore and fracture pressure will be expanded to show the difference between on-shore and offshore pore and fracture pressure gradients, and how offshore profiles can make drilling more difficult.  Building on the understanding of pore and fracture pressures the Dual Gradient Effect will be presented and how this is used to improve drilling and overcome the challenges encountered in deep-water offshore drilling. 

The second part of the presentation will discuss past and present work on different methods of dual gradient drilling.  A high-level understanding of how each method works is included in the explanation.

The presentation will conclude with a discussion on well control as it relates to Dual Gradient Drilling and the changes to current procedures necessary to circulate kicks from the well safely.

John H. Cohen, R & D Technology Manager

John H. Cohen has worked in research and development in the oil industry since his graduation from the Colorado School Mines in Golden, Colorado.  His degree in Mineral Engineering Physics has given him a unique view and allowed him to work on a variety of different projects over the past 38 years. 

Mr. Cohen has significant experience in developing and improving down hole tools including; roller cone and PDC drill bits, turbo drills, mud motors, turbine generators, MWD tools, rig instrumentation, and rotary steerable tools.  He has also worked on subsea equipment including; riser design, collet connectors, and subsea pumping systems. 

Mr. Cohen was director of The Drilling Research Center, where he developed methods and apparatus for testing oil field equipment, down hole tools and drilling concepts.  Included among these was the testing of fluids for a unique method of dual gradient drilling.  This interest in new technology and dual gradient drilling continues today with work on subsea pumps and concepts for dual gradient and riserless drilling.  Based on his work in developing new equipment Mr. Cohen has authored many papers, and holds several patents.  He is former Chairman of the IADC Dual Gradient Drilling Subcommittee, where he works to encourage the development of this new technology.