Evolution of Upstream Technologies
Recorded on May 14, 2013 (90 minutes)

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Reservoir management is a continuously evolving process that adopts various technologies and strategies, to achieve a mission of maximizing total asset value.  The infusion of the various technologies into the upstream industries has significantly impacted the E&P business environment.  In recent years, industry has heavily turned to horizontal and multilateral wells to greatly expand reservoir contact, and thereby maximize oil production with lower unit development costs.  Moreover, the appropriate use of advanced well completions has extended well life, increased productivity, and reduced field development costs when compared to conventional completions. The advancement in reservoir monitoring technologies has significantly changed from monitoring saturations around wellbores to realtime monitoring reservoir fluid dynamics.

What will come next?

  • Extreme reservoir contact wells with wireless downhole control, sensing and telemetry.
  • Downhole power generation and storage.
  • Nano agents to collect reservoir and fluid properties directly from the reservoir.

Applying these technologies on a fit for purpose basis has further enhanced the performance of wells in general, and will greatly enhance performance of wells with challenging reservoir conditions in particular. 
This presentation demonstrates the evolution of various upstream technologies and their applications.  The presentation also highlights the uniqueness of some applications, their implementation approach, and their potential impact on field development and production strategy. The material of the presentation is based on real data, on field observations, and on rational speculation about future trends and advances in technologies and their implementation.


Saeed Mubarak has 20 years of Petroleum Industry experience covering Intelligent Fields Management, Reservoir Management, Production Engineering, Drilling & Completion Engineering, and Reservoir Description.  Held several supervisory positions and many technical teams. Currently, Saudi Aramco Intelligent Field Team Leader who is responsible for delivering small and large-scale, complex Intelligent Fields projects that marry processes with technology and people to help achieving the highest performance of Intelligent Fields.

  • Real-time Reservoir Management (RTRM) Specialist. Recipient of the “2009 SPE Regional Service Award for Management and Information” and finalist in “the 2012 Regional Completions Optimization and Technology Award”.
  • Distinguished speaker, inspirer and recognized author. Served as 2009-2010 SPE Distinguished Lecturer, speaker, and panelist in various local, regional and international events. Panelist during the 2011 SPE annual technical Conference, ATC&E Recipient of best paper award during the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) 2009 annual technical conference in Saudi Arabia.
  • Innovator and out of the box thinker who has initiated new strategies, technologies and programs. Earned a US Patent and nominated as a finalist in 2009 World Oil Award in the "Innovator Thinkers" and 2012 winner of the same award.
  • Active contributor to technical, social programs focusing on innovation, challenging paradigm and leaving impact. Influential in changing business and social practices beyond the norm by creating program such as “Let’s Learn” and “Blood Donation” programs. Recipient of 2011/2012 SPE Saudi Section "Community Service Award".
  • Owner and manager of one of the fastest growing technical discussion group in LinkedIn to disseminate knowledge about Intelligent or digital Fields. The group has been very influential in sharing knowledge about technology, processes and people with members exceeding 2100.