How do I log in so that I can see register for Members-Only webinars?

To see members-only content on this webpage, please enter your email address in the bar on the upper right portion of your screen.  Make sure you use the same email address that you use for SEIA newsletters or website log-ins.  If you’re having trouble signing in, feel free to contact us at webinars@seia.org.


I’m new to SEIA, and my email login isn’t working.  Can you help?

We’re glad you’ve joined!  Our email database is updated on a weekly basis.  If you’d like access before that, simply contact webinars@seia.org and we’ll make sure you can log in.


Are previous webinars from SEIA on this site as well?

Our archives on this website go back to January 2011.  If you’d like to access a webinar that happened prior to that point, contact webinars@seia.org and we’ll help you out.


I have the recording of the webinar, but I'm looking for the slides.  Can you help?

The slides for the webinars should be available after you add them to your cart and check out.  Confirmation will either come via email, or, in the case of older archived webinars, slides will be available via a button below the player.  If you're having trouble finding the slides for a particular webinar, contact webinars@seia.org and we’ll help you out.


How can I participate in webinars as a speaker or sponsor?

We love to have experts from SEIA member companies present as often as possible.  If you’re interested in working on a webinar, let us know!  We’ll need some basic information from you to get started, including a brief description of the topic you’re interested in, the target audience for the webinar, and any other speakers you might like to work with.  We encourage you to look for a few other speakers to share your time with, and we can help with that, too. 

Sponsoring a webinar is easy, too!  We’ll work with you to find the right topical match, the best advertising and promotional opportunities, and will give you the chance to reach wide audiences with a single presentation.  Just contact webinars@seia.org to get started today.


What other benefits are available to SEIA members?

SEIA membership comes with a host of incredible benefits, designed to give you Access to professionals and thought leaders, Expertise through education and resources, and Exposure through advertising and networking opportunities.  Learn more about these benefits and about membership by visiting http://www.seia.org/member-center today!