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The Webinar Drop Down Menu Has Been Divided Into These Topic Areas To Optimize Your Search: 

  • Product Safety Awareness - These sessions are the three required courses for the Product Safety Awareness initiative. These webinars are complimentary for members and non-members.
  • Corporate Responsibility - Content and subjects focused on state and federal regulations. This area will focus on product, corporate, and environmental responsibility. These webinars are complimentary to members and non-members.
  • Complimentary For PPAI Members - These sessions are all complimentary for PPAI members, although they are not filtered by topic. 
  • Certification Pages - TAS, CAS, MAS, MAS+ are listed separately on the drop down menu.
  • Marketing & Advertising - Content and subjects related to defining, promotion, target marketing, advertising or branding. 
  • Business Management - Content related to hiring staff, ethics, office policies/procedures, finance and total quality management. 
  • Sales & Service - Content and subjects related to the mechanics and management of the sales process, sales presentations, prospecting, program selling, penetrating markets and customer service. 
  • Decorate - Content and subjects focused on screen and digital printing, embroidery and sublimation. 
  • Technology - Content and subjects related to doing business electronically including internet training, camera–ready artwork, sales automation, multi-media and catalog creation. This topic area will also include recordings from Tech Summit.
  • Strategies & Solutions - Content and subjects related to strategic issues such as social responsibility, acquisition, forecasting, reorganization and industry trends.
  • Supplier - Content and subjects related to suppliers so they can better understand their competition and how to maximize their investment. 
  • Industry Essentials - Content and subjects recommended for individuals with two or fewer years’ experience in the industry. 
  • Live Recordings - Expo, Expo East, Women's Leadership Conference, North American Leadership Conference, and Product Responsibility Summit are listed separately on the drop down menu
  • Incentives & Recognition – Content focused on building programs that motivate, retain and grow your client's workforce.
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