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PPAI will be performing an upgrade to our online education platform to enhance your user experience on January 26, 2017!

All current sessions will still be available after that date on the new platform

Please finish watching any sessions that you have already registered for by that date. 

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The Webinar Drop Down Menu Has Been Divided Into These Topic Areas To Optimize Your Search: 

  • Product Safety Awareness - These sessions are the three required courses for the Product Safety Awareness initiative. These webinars are complimentary for members and non-members.
  • Corporate Responsibility - Content and subjects focused on state and federal regulations. This area will focus on product, corporate, and environmental responsibility. These webinars are complimentary to members and non-members.
  • Complimentary For PPAI Members - These sessions are all complimentary for PPAI members, although they are not filtered by topic. 
  • PPAI Certification - CAS Level and MAS level are listed seperately on the drop down menu. Either search will provide you with courses that fall under each specific credit level. CAS Required in the drop down menu will provide you with a list of each of the CAS Required Courses, which are mandatory curriculum for anyone pursuing the CAS certification.
  • New To The Industry -  Content aimed at providing promotional products professionals with less than three years of industry experience. These webinars are an avenue for introductory industry information.
  • Marketing & Advertising - Content and subjects related to defining, promotion, target marketing, advertising or branding. 
  • Business Management - Content related to hiring staff, ethics, office policies/procedures, finance and total quality management. 
  • Sales & Service - Content and subjects related to the mechanics and management of the sales process, sales presentations, prospecting, program selling, penetrating markets and customer service. 
  • Decorate - Content and subjects focused on screen and digital printing, embroidery and sublimation. 
  • Technology - Content and subjects related to doing business electronically including internet training, camera–ready artwork, sales automation, multi-media and catalog creation. This topic area will also include recordings from Tech Summit.
  • Strategies & Solutions - Content and subjects related to strategic issues such as social responsibility, acquisition, forecasting, reorganization and industry trends.
  • Supplier - Content and subjects related to suppliers so they can better understand their competition and how to maximize their investment. 
  • Industry Essentials - Subjects recommended for individuals looking for Promotional Products Industry specific content.
  • Live Recordings - Expo, Expo East, Women's Leadership Conference, North American Leadership Conference, and Product Responsibility Summit are listed separately on the drop down menu
  • Incentives & Recognition – Content focused on building programs that motivate, retain and grow your client's workforce.
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