Q: How do I find a PPAI webinar?

A: Click on the “Webinars” tab at the top of the page. You can search for both a LIVE and/or RECORDED webinar, and by topic, keywords, and date range.


Q: How do I register for a webinar?

A: To begin the process of registering for a webinar, you must be logged into the program.

  1. After you have selected your webinar through either the search tool (“Register button on the search page) or a direct link, click on the “Add To Cart” button.
  2. Fill out all required information and click on the “Register” button at the end of the page. You may register for more than one webinar at one time.
  3. After registering, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can view a printable receipt and separate printable login information. This will also be emailed to you.
  4. Do not lose the Login Instructions page (email) as it will include the link and your personalized password for the webinar.
  5. Three other links are included on the Login Instructions: System Test, Add to Calendar, and Info & Handouts. Please complete your system test at least 24 hours prior to the webinar.


Q: How do I log in to register for a PPAI webinar?

A: You must have a unique PPAI login and password to register for any PPAI Webinar. If you don’t have one, please register on UPIC.org. If you have a login and forgot your password, you can reset it here.


Q: How do I know if my system works? What are the requirements?

A: Please check your system compatibilities on the “System Check” tab.


Q: How do I get the webinar access login information and directions for accessing the live webinar?

A: Once your registration is complete, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail that includes the information and directions you need to access the live webinar.


Q: I didn’t receive my confirmation email. What do I do?

A: If you did not receive your email, please confirm the registered email by logging into UPIC.org, PPAI My Account page, or contacting PPAI member services at 888-426-7724.


Q: How can I tell if I have already registered for a webinar?

A: When you are logged in, you can check your registered webinars (live and recorded) on the “My Webinars” tab at the top of the page.


Q: Where are all the webinars I’ve watched from the previous program?

A: Any webinars you have watched from any other system other than this one will only be available through your transcript at the PPAI My Account page.


Q: How many times can I access the recorded webinars I have registered for?

A: You will be able to access the recordings three (3) times. Once you have used your allotted viewings and need additional access, please email webinars@ppai.org and we will assign you more logins.


Q: How do I get handout materials?

A: If handouts are supplied by the presenter, there are three places to view the handouts for any webinar:

  • From the “Webinars” tab, select the “Learn More” button for each webinar, handouts are available under the “Resources” tab
  • Under the “My Webinars” tab, click the “Show/Hide Resources” button for that webinar’s handouts
  • Handouts will be included in the confirmation email you receive after registering
  • During the webinar, handouts will be available on the left hand side menu bar (click the “Handouts” link).


Q: When logging into a live webinar, I receive a message that the meeting is closed.

A: Login is available 15 minutes prior to the start of a live event and up to 10 minutes after the start of a live event. To meet the standards for continuing education, all logins must be completed no later than 10 minutes following the start of a live event and remain logged in during the full event.

If you are attempting to login to a live event outside of these parameters, you will be notified that the event is closed. However, you may still access the archived recording a 2-3 days after the event.


Q: I don’t have computer speakers or my speakers don’t work well, can I still join a webinar?

A: If you are having technical difficulties with your computer speakers, you can request a dial-in number prior to a live event so that you may listen through your phone. Please make your request at least 24 hours in advance at webinars@ppai.org, a charge may be applied to your account for this service.


Q: How do I receive certification credit for a live webinar?

A: At the end of a live webinar, your screen will be automatically directed to a survey which you will need to complete in order to receive credit.


Q: How do I receive certification credit for an recorded webinar?

A:To receive credit for an recorded webinar, you will need to click on the “Survey” button on the media player. Once you have completed the survey, your credit will appear on your transcript. Live recorded sessions will need a Request Credit for Education Course form to be submitted. You can complete this on the My PPAI Account


Q: I took a webinar, but I don’t see the credit on my transcript?

A: Please allow 24 hours from the time you completed the survey following the webinar for your credits to be available on your transcript. If you did not fill out the survey following the webinar, you will have to complete the Request Credit for Education Course form from the PPAI My Account page.


Q: Can I use someone else’s registration password to view a webinar?

A: No, each password is unique to their PPAI login. If you want multiple people to view a webinar from one company, they each must have a unique PPAI login and password.


Q: What is the cost for a webinar?

A: Webinar prices vary but some standard pricing are as follows:

  • Standard live webinars: Complimentary for members/$20 for non-members
  • Standard recorded webinars: Complimentary for members/$15 for non-members
  • Premium webinars: $15 for members/$30 for non-members
  • Live recordings: $15 for members/$30 for non-members

Please note that all prices subject to change and may vary with program topic.


Q: What types of payment methods are accepted?

A: Visa, Mastercard, American Express


Q: What if I need a refund?

A: Full refunds on purchased webinars will be given only within 14 days after the purchase date and up to the day of the live webinar. No refunds will be given to viewed recorded webinars or after the start of a live webinar.


Q: How do I get registration support?

A: Please contact Jody Mello at 972-258-3026 or email webinars@ppai.org


Q: How do I get technical support?

A: Please email ecsupport@commpartners.com for Technical Support.

Q: My webinar is having technical difficulties and I’m using Internet Explorer to launch my webinar.

A: Please open your email and launch your webinar through the Google Chrome browser.