Parking Maintenance 301: Improving Parking Performance thru Cost-Effective Maintenance Practices
March 20, 2013 at 2:00 PM EDT (60 minutes)
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Speakers: John Purinton, SE Principal, Watry Design, Inc.
                   Chris Kercsmar, PE, LEED AP, Principal Engineer, ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Inclusive costs for parking garages and facilities often become the key ingredient in deciding how, when, and in what way to build the structure. But,  the true cost of operation is determined after it is put into use. Even when a proper maintenance program is put into place problems can arise forcing facility managers to focus on two words that can be synonymous with cost..."Deterioration" and "Restoration". Issues such as leaks, corrosion,  cracks, spalls, efflorescence, and joint deterioration are problematic, and if left unmanaged can lead to costly repairs. What sealants work best for the various forms of deterioration? What is a partial repair? How do you repair corroded steal? Join us as industry experts discuss these questions and  examine different types of facility repair and restoration.

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