Land Use: Foundations
80 minutes

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Learn the ins and outs of building a great planning & zoning team and discuss how your actions impact your community. Part one of a four-part series, this informative session will help you identify some of the purposes of planning to help you determine what you wish to accomplish. Change can be a positive thing, learn how to manage it effectively.

Once you’ve mastered Foundations, you won’t want to miss segments two through four Defining Your Township’s Master Plan, Zoning Strategies and Emerging Issues. Together they delve into the elements of and ideas behind master planning along with a wide range of emerging trends and strategies in planning and zoning. To receive full benefit of the content, MTA recommends participating in all four parts. TGA candidates must take all segments and complete the course quiz after segment four to receive credit (see CE Credits section for details).


Steve Langworthy, Director of Land Use & Long Range Planning, Dublin, Ohio

He received a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan and spent 6 years as a planning director and zoning administrator for the city of Kentwood, Michigan, and over 20 years as a consulting planner, most recently with LSL Planning in Grand Rapids.

Steve has authored numerous Master Plans, Zoning Ordinances, and special studies for communities of all sizes and characteristics. He is a frequent MTA presenter and the principal author of MTA’s Township Guide to Planning and Zoning and Township Planning & Zoning Decision-making Handbook.

MTA offers numerous publications on a wide variety of topics. Should you wish to continue the learning process you may wish to purchase one or more of the following:


The Township Guide to Planning and Zoning

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This book provides a comprehensive look at planning and zoning from the township perspective. Beginning with a detailed look at the planning process, this goes on to outline the elements of a successful planning program. Additional topics include statutory authority for township planning, legal influences and limitations on zoning, cooperative planning with other government units, growth management tools and techniques, and the authorities and duties of planning commissions and zoning boards. Price includes an update supplement that will be mailed upon availability!

Township Planning & Zoning Decision-making

Member: $32         Non-Member: $46

Covering issues ranging from the technical to the ethical and from day-to-day actions to those that are lasting, this handbook is intended to be at the fingertips of the township's planning and zoning officials, as a means to help them reach defensible, effective decisions and build a strong community based on planning principles and sound procedures.


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(F-102; 6 credits when all four segments are viewed)

This course is part of the Township Governance Academy (TGA) curriculum. TGA courses are open to all MTA members; you do NOT have to be enrolled in the Academy to participate. Members that ARE enrolled may obtain 6 foundations credits for participating in the full course.

To obtain credit, participants must complete all four segments of the webcast, submit the standard TGA Practical Application Commitment form and receive a minimum passing score of 70 percent on the quiz, which is available for download at the conclusion of the final segment of the course. The quiz is based on content from all four segments.

Completed quizzes should be sent to: MTA Education Center, 512 Westshire Drive, Lansing, MI 48917 or faxed to (517) 321-8908 (ATTN: Shelley). MTA will notify you of your results within two weeks after receiving your quiz. IMPORTANT: Please keep a copy of your completed quiz in your TGA binder.

 **This course is also pending approval by Michigan State University for Master Citizen Planner (MCP) continuing education credit.**