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Unemployment Benefits: Recent Legislation & Managing the Claims Process
Originally recorded on September 11, 2013 (60 minutes)
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Unemployment Benefits: Recent Legislation & Managing the Claims Process
Presented by Brian Gmerick of F.A.R. Management
September 11, 2013
10am-11am ET

New legislation in the unemployment compensation arena has had a direct impact on Michigan employers. Attend this webinar to learn about these new laws, how former employees qualify for and draw unemployment benefits, how to monitor the claims process to eliminate errors and stop invalid claims, and how to present information to the unemployment agency for protests and appeals.


  • How the new laws will impact employers.
  • Impact of recent legislation on tax rate calculation and FUTA taxes.
  • Claim process from start to finish.
  • Claim forms, purpose and response.
  • Timelines and decision process.
  • Defining reasons for separation.
  • Overcoming the language barriers.
  • Effective use of claim disqualification provisions.


Brian Gmerick of F.A.R. Management. Formed in 1987 to provide unemployment expertise to the employer community, they provide administrative, consulting and educational services to employers concerning unemployment activity and related costs. Because unemployment is all they do, they bring unparalleled expertise to this very costly area.

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