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Payroll Requirements for Michigan Employers: Legal & Tax Implications
Originally recorded on July 24, 2013 (60 minutes)
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Payroll Requirements for Michigan Employers: Legal & Tax Implications
Presented by Todd Trisch 
July 24, 2013
10:00-11:00 am EDT

Federal and state wage and hour laws regulate the method of payment of wages, the payment of wages upon termination of employment, allowable deductions from employee paychecks, the withholding and payment of employment taxes, wage garnishments, recordkeeping, and the maintenance of payroll records.  Attend this webinar to learn about the legal and tax implications when managing payroll.


 Legal and Tax Implications of Payroll

  • When employees must be paid: Michigan and federal law
  • What taxes must be collected
  • Direct deposit / payroll cards
  • Garnishing wages: child support, etc.
  • Tips about hiring paperwork: changes to I-9 form, etc.
  • Terminated employees: severance, unemployment insurance benefits

Preparing for Year-End

  • What information should you be gathering throughout the year
  • The reconciliations you can do prior to year end
  • The common items forgotten prior to W-2 issuance
  • How to use a year-end checklist to determine that all processes have been performed

Payroll Procedures

  • Internal control issues
  • Documentation of procedures
  • Hallmarks of an effective payroll system


Todd Trisch has spent nine years in the payroll industry providing leadership in the sales, marketing, training, and product management functions at Payroll 1.  In his role, he has the responsibility of ensuring Payroll 1 has the people, products, and expertise to deliver unique technical solutions to each user, maximizing client acquisition and retention.  Headquartered in Birmingham, MI Payroll 1 is the largest Michigan-based provider of payroll services celebrating their 27th year in business.  Payroll 1 combines state-of-the art payroll technology with seasoned payroll professionals to offer "Hi Tech, Hi Touch" payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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