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Being Discovered by Google and Prospective Patients
Recorded on February 27, 2014
Being discovered by prospective patients online includes optimizing your website and "Playing by Google's Rules." Keeping up with all of Google's changes can be challenging, even to marketers focusing their attention on this subject. In this 60-minute webinar we will highlight Google's most recent changes and share strategies and tips to help your practice be discovered by existing and prospective patients.
Intro. to NEW ISHRS.org
Recorded on April 23, 2013
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Grow Hair Grow! Minimizing Poor Growth in Hair Transplants and New Ways to Max it Out
Recorded on March 24, 2012
In this webinar Drs. Marzola, Beehner, Cole, and Parsley will share their expertise on the subject and share insights on how to minimize poor growth outcomes in FUT and FUE procedures. Several case studies will be used to illustrate the best practices in maximizing hair growth, lessons learned and how to confront patients with poor growth.
Intro to Biostatistics & Evidence Based Medicine
Recorded on June 10, 2011
This webinar will provide basic information regarding proper research design and statistics for investigators in hair restoration surgery, through didactic lecture and dialogue between presenters. It is intended to address the needs of the more common research questions in hair restoration surgery. The webinar will cover the importance of proper design and analysis, typical research questions asked by ISHRS members, research design, statistical analysis and resources.
Going Viral: Unlocking the Secrets of Social Media for Hair Transplant Patient Education and Beyond
Recorded on March 7, 2011
Officially, social media is "an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos, and audio.¨ It is also a fancy way to describe the 'zillions' of conversations people are having online 24/7. Recently, social media became the fourth most popular online activity, surpassing traditional email and firmly solidifying its place in the Information Age as more than a simple fad. So why should we as physicians care? Social media is democratizing communications - shifting power away from the editors, publishers, the establishment and the 'media elite.' Beyond just another marketing channel, understanding how to leverage social media has implications for public relations, customer service, loyalty building, collaboration, networking, thought-leadership... And, yes, your next patient might find you there, too! Now is the time to LISTEN, ENGAGE & MEASURE. Are you ready to become part of the conversation?