Proactive Risk Management for Parking Structures
Recorded on March 20, 2013 (60 minutes)

Proactive Risk Management for Parking Structures

Got risk? We all do, and mitigating it is a vital part of business success. Boost your awareness of proactive risk management during the construction and operation of parking structures during this interactive webinar. By the end of the one-hour presentation, participants will understand the sources of risks and identify strategies to manage it effectively. Actual project case studies will be presented that highlight strategies covered during the conversation. Questions and discussion will be encouraged.



Sunil Puri, P.E

Sunil Puri, P.E. is a diagnostic project manager with Walter P Moore & Associates. He has more than 10 years of experience in the structural diagnostics, forensics, repair, and rehabilitation of parking structures. He regularly works with owners, facility managers, and asset managers to assess existing parking structures, develop cost-effective asset management plans, and execute these plans in multi-year repair programs. Sunil is a registered professional engineer in six states. He has written multiple technical articles and has made presentations on his experiences in asset management plans, non-destructive evaluation, and proactive risk management at different parking conferences. He can be reached at

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