P3 and a University Parking System The Ohio State University Story
Recorded on January 30, 2013 (60 minutes)

P3 and a University Parking System - The Ohio State University Story

Turning campus parking operations over to public private partnerships (P3) through upfront payments and long-term leases is gaining attention and interest. There are clear benefits, but also many details that must be clearly identify and documented so bidders understand exactly what they are bidding on, and the university understands what it will retain and how the arrangement will work.

Join us for this webinar: review what should be considered in a long-term lease of campus parking facilities; how to define and separate roles and responsibilities; and developing operating standards that address the needs of the institution while producing a biddable document.



Sarah Blouch

Sarah Blouch is president of CampusParc LP, which was formed to manage the recent P3 transaction at The Ohio State University; she was executive director of transportation & parking services at the university for 17 years previously. There, she oversaw the development and implementation of the long- and short-term campus transportation network , including campus traffic patterns, traffic signals, wayfinding, and the development, promotion, and operation of alternative transportation options. Under her leadership, new parking programs were developed and implemented, campus transit doubled, and six new garages were designed and built that incorporated new design  and operating techniques. She has worked in the parking and transit industry since 1980.

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