On Street Parking Technology
Recorded on February 20, 2013 (60 minutes)

On Street Parking Technology

On-street parking technology has changed dramatically over the years. Evolving from the basics of a windup clock, todays' equipment can change rates and hours with the stroke of a key at your computer. You can know, in real time, what spaces are occupied and where violators might be. Meters can call you for repairs or call your customers to warn them that they're about to expire. Enforcement techniques have improved tremendously. Payment methods continue to multiply across various platforms.

How does it all affect you and your customer? 


This webinar brought to you by IPI's Technology Committee will cover:


Various methods to operate on-street parking

      • Payment for parking (meters, permits, pay-by-phone, etc.)
      • Enforcement methods & tools
      • Communicating with customers (online, signage, social media)

Currently available on-street parking equipment

      • Meters
      • Permits
      • Payment systems
      • Enforcement systems

Auxiliary pieces to improve on-street technologies

      • Sensors

Discussion of some pitfalls and what you can do to avoid them



Mike Drow, CAPP, Senior Vice President, Technology Integration, Standard Parking Corporation

Peter Lange, Executive Director, Transportation Services, Texas A&M University


Michael Drow, CAPP

Mike Drow is responsible for the identification and implementation of technologies into Standard Parking's various service lines and operating groups. He leads efforts in electronic marketing and permitting, implementation of central command operating services, and providing consulting services on technology to clients. He is also co-chair of IPI's Technology Committee.


Peter Lange

Texas A&M Transportation Services is one of the largest parking, transportation and fleet operations on any college campus in the country. Peter was the recipient of the 2009 distinguished service award from the Texas Parking Association and is a member of the IPI Sustainability committee and co-chair of the IPI Technology committee. Transportation Services at Texas A&M was named "2009 Parking organization of the year" by the International Parking Institute and the "Innovative Organization of the Year - 2012 by the National Parking Association. He has authored a number of industry articles and presented at numerous industry conferences.

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