Uncovering the Perks of Public Policy for Parking
Recorded on October 17, 2012 (60 minutes)

Ever wish for solid insight into the most important and innovative parking pricing strategies that can help reduce congestion and promote livability? The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA's) Contemporary Approaches to Parking Pricing: A Primer offers just that, serving as a resource on performance pricing of on-street parking (including metered visitor parking and residential parking permits), unbundling parking costs from housing and other real estate costs, parking cash-out in lieu of parking-only commuter benefits, and redesigning priced parking offerings (such as the monthly parking pass) to encourage using alternative transportation.

You've read about the Primer in The Parking Professional (see p. 46 of the August issue), and you might have talked with its creators at the 2012 IPI Conference & Expo. Here's your chance to hear what they and a panel of experts has to say about the research behind this valuable publication and what it means for your parking operation.

This webinar will cover the contents of the primer, projects funded by FHWA, and opportunities for parking professionals to make the most of this public policy initiative. It will also include first-hand accounts from panelists who have implemented performance pricing in their operations.

Allen Greenberg, Senior Policy Analyst , Federal Highway Administration
Matthew Kaufman, Director of Planning, UrbanTrans

Allen Greenberg plays a leadership role with the Federal Highway Adminstration's (FHWA) Value Pricing Pilot Program and the Urban Partnership Program, soliciting and managing related transportation pricing pilot initiatives that include many parking pricing projects. Before joining FHWA, he spent two years directing the Transportation Partners Program at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Policy, providing grants and technical assistance to national not-for-profit organizations that promote local sustainable transportation initiatives. He has more than 20 years of experience in parking and transportation.

Matthew Kaufman is director of planning for UrbanTrans North America, where he specializes in the development and evaluation of transportation demand management (TDM) programs. His work includes the development of TDM programs for major redevelopment sites, shopping centers, urban corridors, office developments, and local governments. His has worked with developers and local governments to create parking policies that discourage single-occupancy vehicle travel and pricing strategies that encourage the use of sustainable travel modes.

Soumya S. Dey, P.E., Acting Associate Director, District Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C.
Mike Estey, Parking Operations & Traffic Manager, City of Seattle
Jay Primus, SFpark Manager, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

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