The Role of Parking Enforcement in Parking Management
Recorded on June 6, 2012 (60 minutes)

This webinar will detail the fundamental role of parking enforcement and the characteristics of a successful enforcement program and personnel. The material will highlight industry specific terms and management practices that deal with the day-to-day functions of the enforcement parking officer. The focus will be to identify and recognize the role of parking enforcement in the overall context of a successful parking management program.


Instructor Biography:

Roamy Valera, CAPP, SP Plus Municipal Services, has a background in the parking industry that extends more than 21 years, including 11 years in the public sector.  As Vice President, Mr. Valera is charged with all of Standard Parking's Florida based operations and overseeing the company's municipal parking services efforts and clients.  Prior to joining Standard Parking, Mr. Valera served as a Vice President of Timothy Haahs and Associates, where he supervised the firm's Florida operations, including project and financial management and business development.  Mr. Valera also served as the Miami Parking Authority's Deputy Executive Director. He supervised all on-street and off-street operations and planning and development directives.  He managed policies and procedures for the Miami Parking Authority, and served as the Executive Director in his absence.  Mr. Valera directed a comprehensive development program for the Miami Parking Authority, including managing capital construction projects. He was also responsible for all historical restoration projects. He served numerous management positions at the Agency throughout his eleven-year career at the parking authority. 

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