A Consultantís View of Parking Guidance Technologies
Recorded on January 25, 2012 (60 minutes)

This webinar will address the state of the art guidance technologies and their practicality to find available parking spaces as well as your car after visiting the destination.  It will cover the comparative disadvantages (including cost, accuracy, operation and maintenance), as well as the advantages touted by the manufacturers. Technologies discussed will include methods of counting occupancy, space availability displays, cell-phone and GPS based systems, and perhaps some we didn't even know about when this description was written!

Instructor Biography:

Mary S. Smith, Senior Vice President of Walker Parking Consultants, is generally considered one of the leading parking planners and functional experts in the world. She is a frequent author and speaker on parking issues. Her perspectives on this particular topic include work internationally where technology is often embraced earlier and more widely than in the US.

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