The Secrets to Hartford’s Successful Parking Ticket Amnesty Program
Recorded on July 27, 2011 (60 minutes)

In October 2009, the Hartford Parking Authority Marketing Committee determined that a Parking Citation Amnesty Program would provide an incentive to motorists to resolve their outstanding debts owed to the City of Hartford. This would result in the collection of parking citation revenue that has not been realized through conventional methods; i.e., mailing notices to the motorist.


The City of Hartford and the Hartford Parking Authority conducted an amnesty program between March 1 and March 31, 2011. The amnesty revenue generated was 185 percent of forecast. The city collected $376,323 in net revenue versus a forecast of $200,000. Additionally, the program's positive nature lead to a 32 percent increase in revenue collections for parking citations that were not eligible for the amnesty program.


The success of the program was attributed to the newly formed HPA's Marketing Committee and the following factors:


  1. Research, development, and strategy to fully vet, create, and implement an Amnesty Program.
  2. Marketing campaign using television, radio, and print media to get the word out. 
  3.  Having Hartford's mayor take the leadership role for the program instead of the Hartford Parking Authority.
  4.  Presenting the program as a win-win for registrants, motorists, and the city.
  5.  Define the key message(s) to enthuse registrants and motorists to voluntarily pay up.


Participate in this webinar to learn the secrets behind the City of Hartford's program and how your operation can also successfully implement an amnesty program to provide much needed revenue.


Instructor Biography:

Carey E. Redd, CAPP, is the associate director of the Hartford Parking Authority.

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