How You Can Use Car Sharing to Positively Impact Parking Demand and Increase Revenue
Recorded on March 23, 2011 (60 minutes)

Car Sharing is rapidly growing across the United States. More and more cities, universities, transportation centers and corporations are turning to car sharing to reduce fleet costs, stretch limited parking inventory, generate revenue, provide last mile transportation and mobility to transit riders, ridesharers, bikers and walkers. Car Sharing comes in a various forms and is available from a number of organizations both for profit and non-profit. This webinar will educate you on what car sharing is, how it works, who provides it and how to fit it into your parking operations.


Instructor Biography:

Brian Shaw is the Director of Business Services at the University of Pennsylvania. Brian received his Masters of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania 1995 and came to Penn from Chicago where he most recently worked as a Senior Planner for Sam Schwartz Engineering.  Previously, he served as the Director of Campus Transportation and Parking Services at the University of Chicago and as Director of Alternative Transportation at Emory University in Atlanta. In addition to heading Parking Services, Brian also directs Penn Transit, Penn Mail Services and the Penn Ice Rink.


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