Snow & Ice Management for Parking Facilities and Structures
Recorded on October 20, 2010 (60 minutes)

Snow and ice management in parking lots and other high-traffic facilities is challenging work that exposes the property ownership to a substantial degree of risk. Having a solid and dependable snow and ice control strategy is critical to ensuring continued, uninterrupted operation of the facility as well.

This webinar will walk participants through the most important elements in creating a long term strategy for managing snow and ice for parking lots, sidewalks, parking structures, and other high-traffic areas. The webinar will be broken into two parts:

Part 1: Preparation & Logistics

     Creating a snow response plan and planning for the 'big one'
     -  Equipment usage and decisions
     Communications and recordkeeping

Part 2: In-House vs. Outsourcing

     -  Pros and cons of performing the work in-house
     -  Pros/cons of hiring a third party to perform the work
     -  Evaluation criteria and tips for choosing a reliable service provider

Speaker Biographies:

Rich Arlington, CSP, CLP of Rich Arlington & Associates, has been in the Snow & Ice and Green industry since 1975 when as a kid he worked throughout his neighborhood doing mowing, leaf cleanup, and shoveling snow. Rich began, working in the commercial industry in 1987 as a subcontractor for a local snowplowing company doing sidewalks. Rich has served as an expert witness in Snow cases across the United States and has been listed in the National Register of Who's Who in Business Executives since 2001.

Brian Birch has worked for the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) for six years, serving in virtually every function of the association. Over that time, he has traveled extensively to promote the need for efficient, professional snow and ice business practices. He is the project lead for the industry website, dedicated to connecting and educating the snow contractor industry, and was a key drive in the development of SIMA's popular Build a Bid program.

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