Wide Wide World of Payments
Recorded on February 26, 2014 (60 minutes)

Wide Wide World of Payments
The Wide Wide World of Parking Payments is the fifth in a series of parking-specific presentations by IPI's Parking Technology Committee. This year's all-new webinar provides an overview of the currently available payment options, covers the historical side of payments, and offers a preview of what the future holds. The webinar will explore the different portals and payment channels customers can use to pay for their parking, how card transactions flow through the processing network, and how cost structures differ among payment types, including the costs of equipment and staff. The webinar will also explain the new EMV credit card standard that is headed our way.
Following this webinar, you will have a better understanding of:
1. The credit card clearing and settlement process and who the players are.
2. The cost associated with different payment types, including real-world examples.
3. The operational considerations associated with different payment methods.



Tom Wunk, CAPP
, is the vice president - PARCS Solutions for T2 Systems, Inc. He is a Certified Administrator of Public Parking and teaches a number of sessions for the IPI CAPP Program. A product of the State University of New York system, he is an active member in both ASIS and the IPI and completed his CAPP certification in 2004. Mr. Wunk has been in the parking control industry since 1973 and has designed and implemented parking control solutions all over the world. He has developed and provided consultative and operational training presentations for the IPI, ASIS, and the AAAE. He is a member of the IPI Technology Committee and the Smart Card Alliance Council.

All CAPP candidates and graduates who register and participate in the webinar will receive .5 points toward their CAPP certifications or recertification requirements.

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