Parking Behaviors in a Smartphone Society
Recorded on November 13, 2013 (60 minutes)

Parking Behaviors in a Smartphone Society

This session explores how the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices is changing consumer behavior and expectations around parking, and discusses ways parking professionals can use mobile technology to meet these evolving needs. Most importantly, it discusses how mobile solutions connect to your organization's specific strategic objectives. It will give you the knowledge to decide which types of mobile technology make sense for your organization, and which don't.


After participating in this webinar you will be able to:

1. Understand the effect of mobile technology on consumer parking behaviors.
2. Evaluate mobile parking solutions as they relate to your organization's needs and objectives.
3. Incorporate mobile-based initiatives and opportunities into your organizational strategy.


Alexander Israel, ParkMe

Alexander Israel is the co-founder and COO of ParkMe, a digital service and smartphone application that helps millions of drivers find available parking in real time, on-street and off. ParkMe leverages the world's largest parking database, covering more than 500 cities worldwide, to give drivers real-time parking guidance through their mobile phones, car navigation systems, and the web.

All CAPP candidates and graduates who register and participate in the webinar will receive .5 points toward their CAPP certification or recertification requirements. 

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