ADA and Parking
Recorded on August 21, 2013 (60 minutes)

ADA and Parking

Nobody wants to be the parking professional who's known for all the broken equipment on his lot. Nobody wants to be the one whose exit booths are inadequately staffed after a big event. And nobody--but nobody--wants to be the person in charge of the parking that racked up all the ADA violations.

That's all well and good, but few regulations are as confusing and have as many potential potholes as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It's an integral part of every parking operation, from design to enforcement, but as seen by recent traffic on the C-PARK L listserv, there are still more questions than answers out there.

It's time to blow away the fog and take a clean look at ADA and parking. Join moderator Doug Holmes, founder of C-PARK L, and panelists Linda Kauffman, Bill Kavanagh, and Teresa Trussel for an information-packed presentation on ADA's political challenges in municipal parking, common mistakes that trigger non-compliance, and recent changes that affect old and new spaces.

Doug Holmes is the creator and editor of the CPARK-L parking listserv, a parking information source and clearing house for campus and municipal parking officials.  For two years prior to his retirement he served as the Interim Director of Transportation Services at the Pennsylvania State University, He is also a past chair of the IPI Board of Directors.

Linda Kauffman was the executive director of the Allentown Parking Authority for more than 22 years and then served as vice president of industry solution for T2 Systems. She is also a past chair of IPI Board of Directors. 

Bill Kavanagh is a licensed architect with more than fifteen years of experience in the design of parking garages and mixed use buildings.  He is the Director of Parking Planning and Design for the Harman Group, a structural engineering and parking consultancy firm based near Philadelphia.  

Teresa Trussell is a graduate of the University of Rio Grande with a degree in Business Administration. She has also completed the certification program and a member of CAPP. She has been at Ohio University for 12 years, and has worked for Parking Services for 10 years.


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