Valet Service: Better, Faster, and More Efficient
Recorded on May 15, 2013 (60 minutes)

Valet Service: Better, Faster, and More Efficient

Valet employees can be taught the basics of their jobs, but is caring—really caring—something that can be learned? The Cleveland Clinic thinks so, and has brought top-notch customer service and productivity (and caring) from art to science.

This webinar will cover how a large medical center embraced a custom model of valet staffing productivity, bi-weekly payroll cost analysis, master schedule methodology, shift huddles, and finally an employee culture of being courteous, attentive, resourceful, and efficient (that's the CARE).  You'll learn about the Cleveland Clinic's custom productivity tools that evaluate staffing needs to optimize retrieval times, minimize congestion, and optimize costs. Other topics to be covered include master schedules, shift huddles, staffing vacancy tracking, and the service expectations that ensure all employees CARE about their work. The results have been fantastic!


Stephanie Barnes
Director, Cleveland Clinic Parking Services

Stephanie Barnes has worked within Protective Services at the Cleveland Clinic for more than seven years, creating a long list of programs to improve operations.  She received the Cleveland Clinic 4Q 2010 Caregiver Excellence Award, the Cleveland Clinic 2010 Annual Caregiver Award for Integrity, and the Cleveland Clinic 2011 Annual Caregiver Award for Teamwork, among other recognitions.


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