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Leadership & change
Recorded on March 28, 2017
How do you identify and deal with a crisis? Will fundraising save a seminary?

Join presenters David McAllister-Wilson, president of Wesley Theological Seminary, and G. Douglass Lewis, president emeritus, as they answer these questions and share the valuable lessons they've learned in 35 years of leadership. Things are different now than they used to be, but lessons from the past are still crucial.

All registrants will receive a free copy of G. Douglass Lewis' book, Leadership and Change: A President's Story.
Considering partnership? What questions do you have?
Recorded on March 7, 2017
What is important for the president and board to know before, during, and post-partnership? How can institutions avoid common pitfalls?

Join Richard (Tom) Ingram, president emeritus of the Association of Governing Boards, and Richard Staisloff, principal of rpk Group, as they answer your questions about mergers, alliances, and other higher-ed partnerships. Ask your own questions in advance and they'll become the basis of the webinar.

If you are considering a partnership, you won't want to miss this unique opportunity to engage confidentially with experts.
Transformational philanthropy: Are you exploring the intersection of faith and giving?
Recorded on December 6, 2016
How do you understand your role in fundraising?

Join presenter Aimée Laramore for a discussion on exploring the spirituality of fundraising and the importance of creating a culture of generosity in your institution.
A five-year B.A./M.Div? How 19 schools are rethinking pastoral preparation
Recorded on November 2, 2016
Join Presenters Josh Good, David Dockery, John Mark Yeats, and Mark Belokonny for a discussion of the Kern Family Foundation's five-year pastoral degree program, underway on 19 seminary/undergraduate campuses. Each speaker will highlight opportunities and challenges associated with this entrepreneurial program, including its impact for future pastors and potential program benefits for your school. Participation in this webinar is free of charge.
Board Orientation: Include the Right Ingredients
Recorded on September 13, 2016
Is board orientation on your agenda this year? Rebekah Burch Basinger and William Myers explore the topic of developing a thorough board orientation process, highlighting the critical ingredients for effective orientation. This webinar is ideal for new and current board members, presidents, and administrators.
The Priority of Governance in Really Tough Times
Recorded on May 4, 2016
Presenter Barbara Wheeler will review the major financial and enrollment challenges that threaten the strength and even survival of many theological school, report findings of the governance study about the fitness of boards and other governors to meet those challenges and outline concrete steps that chief executives and governors can take to strengthen their relationship and their schools.

Daniel Aleshire, Executive Director of the Association of Theological Schools will provide a response and commentary.
Social Media in Good Times…and Bad
Recorded on April 26, 2016
Join In Trust publisher Jay Blossom as he offers strategies for getting your message out in "normal" times and staying on point when things are not so normal. He'll be joined by Leanne Van Dyk, president of Columbia Theological Seminary, who will share how her school used social media to communicate transparently during her predecessor's terminal illness, and how she's using new media now to engage constituents and get her seminary's message out.
Do you understand theological school finances?
Recorded on March 8, 2016
Do you understand theological school finances? Before you think, "That's someone else's job," think again. As a stakeholder, board member, administrator, or faculty member, understanding your school's finances is critical to the mission of your school. Join presenter Anthony Ruger as he focuses on the concept of economic equilibrium and why this concept is so important.
Online course design
Recorded on December 1, 2015
Join presenter Roxanne Russell, Director of Online Learning, Candler School of Theology, Emory University as she shares design strategies and lessons learned after the first year launch of Candler's online Doctor of Ministry program.
Social media and institutional conflict
Recorded on May 12, 2015
Join presenter Jay Blossom, publisher of In Trust magazine, as he offers strategies for improving both "broadcast" and "social" communication. Rick Barger, president of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, will share how he's carefully used social media to strengthen alumni and church relations, as well as built his school's annual giving to new heights.

You'll take away extensive resources that can help you to develop and implement a stronger social media presence -- and prepare you for conflicts and social media firestorms that can distract or even threaten to knock your school off course.
Inviting Participation: Understanding Your Role in Fundraising
Recorded on February 18, 2015
In takes a team - board members, administrators, and faculty- working together to raise funds in support of a vibrant theological school. But what should you know about fundraising, and what should you do to help insure your school's fundraising success? Join presenters Wendy Deichmann, president of United Theological Seminary, Greg Henson, president of Sioux Falls Seminary, and Rebekah Basinger, consultant on fundraising and board education as they answer these and other questions about fundraising and what you can do to help improve the development process at your school.
Critical components of online learning
Recorded on December 2, 2014
How do you engage students via online learning? Are you exploring potential learning management systems? Interested in learning more about pedagogically sound online course design? If yes, join Roxanne Russell, online instructional designer at Candler School of Theology, as she explores the critical components of online learning and answers your questions.
Dashboards - What’s on yours?
Recorded on May 1, 2014
Do you have a Dashboard? More importantly, how do you use it? Understanding the value of dashboards, strategic indicators, benchmarks, and scorecards. What's the purpose and more importantly the value for your institution?

The In Trust Center is pleased to partner with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Auburn Center for the Study of Theological Education as presenters Anthony Ruger, Chris Meinzer, and Robert Landrebe discuss how to develop an ideal dashboard for your institution. What should a good dashboard include? Who determines what is included? How often should it be viewed? And who is the target audience.
Shared Governance - Road block or fast track?
Recorded on February 18, 2014
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Pathways to seminary
Recorded on December 3, 2013
The webinar will focus on factors associated with enrollment decline and on the findings of Auburn Center research about how good students make the decision to attend a theological school.
The President and Board Chair Relationship
Recorded on February 12, 2013
Why it matters to your school's effectiveness. Join presenters as they discuss the importance of president and board chair's relationship.
Transition Planning
Recorded on November 14, 2012
Transitions are unavoidable. Are you prepared?