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Digital Content Personalization

Digital Content Personalization allows hotel marketers to deliver unique and highly relevant textual, visual, and promotional content to site visitors based on a variety of factors including geographic location, website behavior, past booking history, customer segment affiliations, reward program membership, and more. By personalizing content to better engage and resonate with website visitors, hotel marketers can retain existing and capture new customers, boost website bookings and maximize website conversions and revenues by as much as 40%.

Listen to this webinar event at your convenience to learn:

  • Differentiate your property from the competition by personalizing promotions, visuals and marketing copy to user's geo location, demographics and purchase intent. 
  • Recognize and reward specific customer segments by displaying personalized and relevant content that speaks to their preferences and expectations.
  • Deliver higher levels of consumer satisfaction from the hotel website experience and engage potential customers.
  • Significantly increase website conversions and revenues

With moderator Tim Peter, President, Tim Peter & Associates, and panelists Isaac Gerstenzang, Asst.VP, Corporate E-Commerce, Destination Hotels; Brigette Pence, Director of Relationship, Red Lion Hotels Corporation; and Andressa Chapman, Principal, Trigger Hotel Marketing.

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