The Coming Decade in Health Professions Workforce Development: A Look at the Projections and How to Right Size Allied Health Education Programs
Recorded on April 26, 2012 (60 minutes)

Workforce projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics continue to show the health care industry as having the greatest opportunity for growth. However, the changing dynamics of health care legislation and uncertain economic times are putting new demands on educational institutions as well as employers. Join us for a 60-minute webinar to learn what we need to focus on for the new workforce trends and needs over the next ten years, and impact on health careers education programs. We will also: 

  • Review the new 2010-2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics’ workforce projections for health personnel and discuss how accurate these data may be.
  • Consider whether health professions schools are producing too few, too many, or just the right amount of graduates to meet our nation’s future needs.
  • Discuss how changing health care guidelines will affect the demand for various levels and kinds of health professionals as well as the educational programs that produce the graduates.
  • Recognize the trends occurring in the U.S. health workforce that will increase or decrease the need for various kinds of health workers and create the need for new kinds of educational programs.
  • Present some thoughts on how educational institutions can “right size” their programs to meet local and state demands in the changing environments.

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Stephen N. Collier, PhD, is an administrator, teacher, and researcher with over 35 years experience in the health professions. He is currently Professor and Director of the Office of Health Professions Education and Workforce Development in the School of Health Professions at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Outside of his duties in his various university positions, he has been Chairman of the Commission on Health and Human Services for the Southern Regional Education Board and Chairman of the State Policy Task Force for the Pew Health Professions Commission. He also held appointments at Harvard University in the Center for Health Policy, Research, and Education, and in the Graduate School of Education. More recently, he served as a member of the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on the Health Professions Education Summit.

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