BIM for Construction - Connecting the Model to the Jobsite and Back
(90 minutes)

Erin Rae Hoffer, CSI, AIA, LEED AP, Industry Programs Manager, Autodesk
Josh Kanner, Co-founder, Vela Systems, Inc.

How can BIM be "linked" to the field so that it can be used during the construction phase? This connection, called "Field BIM", will be explored through case studies such as the Autodesk Trapelo Road project, the New Meadowlands Stadium Project, and others.

Field BIM refers to the specific information model generated by data from construction field operations, including but not limited to work list, punch list, field report, quality control and quality assurance, materials management, commissioning, safety, etc. With Field BIM, design and construction industry stakeholders can capitalize on a collaborative information model to optimize field operations during the construction phase. Then, the owner and operator can use that information post-handover for warranty management, customer service, re-commissioning, and general facilities management because of its structured organization in the model.

In this session, Vela Systems will demonstrate how its software for field process automation can leverage the data in BIM to create new efficiencies in construction delivery and new potential for collaboration. The Autodesk Trapelo Road and Meadowlands Stadium projects will be used to describe the theory and illustrate the application of Field BIM. In the Trapelo Road example, the office workstation portion of FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) was modeled in Revit, shared with the project team in NavisWorks and then tracked using Vela Systems Materials Tracking module. Updates to FF&E statuses automatically fed back into the NavisWorks environment for distribution to the project team. In this way, the team was able to leverage the data in the model for visualizing the status of this critical path material and automate other coordination tasks (including quality management). Other examples will also be presented during the webinar, including tracking of precast concrete at the New Meadowlands stadium and tracking of the commissioning process for complex facility construction.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how Building Information Models can be connected to field information for construction-phase activities
  • Understand the specific examples of FF&E tracking into a NavisWorks BIM visualization environment, precast tracking in a Tekla structural model, and others (e.g., commissioning)
  • Learn some of the technologies that enable field software to work in disconnected internet environments and automatically integrate with BIM products
  • Explore areas beyond FF&E tracking where value can be created from tying field data to the model
  • Become aware of the way in which IPD relates to specifications practice, and consider the potential for specifications to be integrated with BIM and product procurement in the future
Credit: 0.15 CSI CEUs, 1.5 AIA LUs, HSW
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