On-Demand Webinars (CCPR Prep Course)

CCPR Prep Course

The CCPR Prep Course is a series of webinars designed to help candidates prepare for the Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR) Examination. The CCPR Prep Course provides an in-depth review and discussion of all phases of the construction documentation, and your role in each phase. The structure of the CCPR Prep Course will follow and expand upon concepts identified in the Construction Product Representation Practice Guide and the CCPR Candidate Handbook with an emphasis on the exam content summary.

Total instructional time: 3.5 Hours (5 Sessions)

Member Price: $235
Nonmember Price: $295

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CCPR Prep Course Session 1: Pre-Project Activities
Speaker:Laura Jean I. Frye, CSI, CCS, AHC

CCPR Prep Course Session 2: Project Design
Speaker: Timothy J. Gottwalt, CSI, CCPR, CDC, AHC

CCPR Prep Course Session 3: Procurement
Speaker: Brian Keil, CSI, CCPR

CCPR Prep Course Session 4: Construction
Speaker: Bill Coady, CSI, CCPR

CCPR Prep Course Session 5: Facility Management
Speaker: Jim Whitfield, II, FCSI, CCPR, CTC, LEED AP