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Maren Colon
Transparency in the Real Estate Default Servicing World
Recorded on December 5, 2012 (60 minutes)

CBA Webinar Series presents:
Transparency in the Real Estate Default Servicing World    
Wed, Dec 5, 2012 | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

Sponsored by:

Joe Dombrowski
Director of Product Management & Chief Mortgage Strategist, Lending Solutions


Within the sphere of real estate default servicing, the word transparency has taken on a whole new life. How institutions manage customer data and process transparency affects risks and decision quality. Creating a transparent environment enables regulators, investors and borrowers to have a better understanding of the decisions being made. Lessons learned in real estate loan servicing can benefit any other loan servicing business area.

This session will focus on transparency in terms of the requirements of the current regulatory environment and how it applies to today's real estate loan servicing industry. The working definition of transparency for the current servicing climate is providing and having clarity around data, decisions and process. A critical component of supporting that is enterprise-wide data governance. A good program can help to enhance data quality, lock down processes and provide transparency. More than ever, data governance programs have business and regulatory impact and can no longer be the sole province of your IT staff. Proper data governance in default servicing ensures that:

  • Key staff (single-point-of-contact customer service, loss mitigation and foreclosure) have access to timely and relevant loan information
  • Records for all serviced loans are accurate, especially records needed to establish ownership and the right to foreclose, outstanding balances and fees assessed to the borrower
  • All inbound and outbound communication with borrowers is recorded and reviewed for various risk factors, such as miscommunicated workout timelines and inaccurate next steps
  • All data and artifacts are archived for a sufficient period of time

 With enhanced data quality and best-practice governance programs, servicers of defaulted loans will be positioned to provide insight into the how and why behind every servicing action and share that rich information internally and externally.


  1. Customer, investor and agency requirements for transparency in default servicing
  2. How data governance can help optimize default servicing enterprises
  3. Using information to make loan-level and enterprise decisions


  1. Understand how to leverage data to inform institutional practices
  2. Gain an appreciation for the ways technology can enforce data standards
  3. Learn best practices for data governance


Joe Dombrowski
Director of Product Management & Chief Mortgage Strategist, Lending Solutions

Joe is responsible for an overall strategy for loan servicing technology and manages group of creative product managers who provide the vision for change for loan servicing systems. Prior to this role, he assisted Fiserv clients by providing managerial consulting for loan servicing opportunities. With over 25 years of experience, Joe has a comprehensive background in the industry both in servicing and in technology. He is a member of several national lending advocacy groups, and has written and spoken extensively on servicing topics. Joe has been with Fiserv since 1991.  Mr. Dombrowski graduated St. Joseph Seminary College, Los Altos CA, with a degree in philosophy.  He can be reached at and welcomes your tweets @joedombrowski.

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