Helping Members of your Congregation Transition from Independent to Dependent Living

Co Sponsored by the National Religious Retirement Office

Session Description:

Throughout history Congregations of Religious Men and Women have answered the needs of all people, focusing their lives on serving others. However, today as Congregations are aging, they are finding themselves becoming dependent on others for their own care. This shift over the last couple decades has required Congregations to intensify their attention and resources to the health concerns of their elder Sisters and Brothers, including those who may be suffering from memory impairments. During this one-hour session, Sr. Peter Lillian Di Maria, O.Carm. will discuss how congregations can prepare for transitions, how to help and support the Religious through different losses experienced and how to manage the many aspect of our aging congregations. Participants are encouraged to ask questions.

This program is recommended for those in elected leadership and those who are in ministry to their retired members.

Speaker Biography:

Sr. M. Peter Lillian, O. Carm. BA, LNHA, DCP has been the Director of the Avila Institute of Gerontology in Germantown, New York since January 1997.   The Avila Institute is the education arm of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. The Institute creates opportunities for individuals to share experiences and knowledge regarding their work with the aged and contributes to the field of gerontology through workshops, publications and studies.  Sister M. Peter Lillian has been in the Continuing Care ministry for over 30 years often working in many administrative capacities.  She has lectured many times on Alzheimer's Disease, Palliative Care, Geriatric Spiritual Care, Family Care Issues, Stress Reduction and Team Building.  Sr. Peter has developed successful Dementia Care Programs, Dementia Care Curriculums and assisted in developing a Palliative Care Resource Manual that is specific for Geriatric Care.   Sr. Peter Lillian has lectured in the United States and Ireland. Sr. Peter Lillian has worked with many Congregations concerning Aging Issues.

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