28954:Utilizing Shadow Vehicles and TMA in Work Zones
Recorded on May 23, 2012 (60 minutes)

This webinar provides standards and guidelines on the appropriate use of shadow vehicles and truck mounted attenuators (TMAs) for roadway work zones. Designed to provide physical protection to workers from the traffic approaching from the rear, this webinar will train personnel on determining the appropriate location for shadow vehicles, spacing relative to the type of work zone operation and other factors that should be considered, such as driver sight distance, speed and minimizing roll-ahead by heavier shadow vehicles.

Participants will learn the importance of proper placement for shadow vehicles and TMAs in work zones to minimize the risk of vehicles mistakenly entering the area between the shadow vehicle and the workers or hazard.

Topics covered during this webinar include:
 Evaluating activities and exposed workers for pavement marking and repair, guardrail repair, significant obstruction or open excavation when identifying shadow vehicle and TMA needs
 Spacing and placement guidelines for shadow vehicles based on formulas and guidelines that take into account operating speed, vehicle weight and stationary or moving operation
 The importance of communication between shadow vehicle drivers, other advance warning vehicles and other work zone personnel
 Understanding the variety of situations commonly encountered in work zones short duration or mobile operation on shoulder, lane closures on minor streets, stationary lane closure on divided highways, shoulder work with minor encroachment, mobile operations on two-lane roads, lane closures on near sides of intersections, interior lane closure on multi-lane streets, mobile operations on multi-lane roads or double-lane closures on freeways and when (and how) to use shadow vehicles and TMAs
 Evaluating the roadway type (freeway or other), type of activity (stationary or mobile) and whether the activity will involve lane closure or shoulder closure and the appropriate utilization of TMAs and/or shadow vehiclesof session here.

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