Best Practices in Industrial Hygiene


This session will focus on describing the best practices in industrial hygiene categorized by the five basic tenants of the science and art.  These tenants are anticipation, recognition, evaluation, prevention and control.  For each of the tenants, there will be a discussion on the "best means" to achieve the goal of the tenant.  The session will also describe rationale for inclusion and the limitations for each of these best practices.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn about the practice of industrial hygiene
  • Learn about the five basic tenants of industrial hygiene
  • Become familiar with the best practices for industrial hygiene within each of the basic tenants
  • Understand the basis for inclusion  of the programs, approaches and methods listed as best practices
  • Learn about the uses and limitations of the best practices discussed


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  •     0.2 CEUs

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Speaker Information


Zack Mansdorf
Zack is an expert in safety, industrial hygiene, environmental issues and sustainability.   Recent projects have included a number of Webinars (e.g., 15 Quick Tips for Establishing a Leadership Program in EHS), publications (e.g., a series of articles on Sustainability for EHS Today) and work for the National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on responding to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Emergencies.  
Aside from his own firm, Sustainability Consultants, he also is associated with EORM, Inc. and Sancroft International.  Zack is listed as a Principal Consultant with EORM ( and as an Associate Director with Sancroft International (  At EORM, Zack has most recently been leading a project on EHS assurance for a Fortune 50 electronics company in their sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) auditing program for key supply chain operations in Asia.  This has included travel and on-site work at a number of locations in China and Singapore. He also has prepared audit questions and guides as well as a risk ranking scheme for this project.  
    Sancroft International is a sustainability and CSR firm headed by the former U.K. Secretary of State for the Environment.  Work for Sancroft International clients has included benchmarking performance for a Fortune 100 company and the development of key performance indicators and sustainability strategies for an international cosmetics company.  This latter project is on-going.  
    Prior to the work cited above, Zack served as the Senior Vice President- Safety, Health, Environment, for L'Oreal North America and Worldwide from June of 2000 to August of 2009, when he retired.  In this role, he had overall responsibility for safety, occupational health and environment for 42 worldwide manufacturing sites, over 70 distribution centers and over 100 administrative centers around the world.  He spent 5 years in residence in Paris (World HQ) and the last 4 years commuting from New York.  
    L'Oreal has annual sales of approximately 25 Billion dollars (17.5 Billion €) with more than 65,000 employees worldwide.  Zack was a direct report to the Managing Director for Supply Chain Operations (American title of Executive Vice President-direct report to the CEO).  His dedicated staff was located in Paris.  Due to Zack's work and the work of others, L'Oreal is widely listed on all the major sustainability indexes and is widely recognized as a leader in sustainability.  

Zack also served as a member of the senior management committee (Conjuncture) as well as the only non-Executive Vice President member of the Sustainable Development Committee (chaired by the CEO).

Prior to this work, he has held several other senior level positions in the US Army (retired Lt. Col.) Goodyear, Midwest Research Institute, Clayton Environmental Consultants, Liberty International Risk Services and Arthur D. Little Company.  Zack spent almost 15 years as head of Mansdorf & Associates which was sold to Clayton Environmental Consultants in 1994.

Zack has a Ph.D., in Environmental Engineering from the University of Kansas, School of Engineering, with Master's degrees in Environment and Safety from the University of Michigan and Central Missouri State.  He has certifications (by examination) in all three areas as well (QEP, CSP and CIH).

He is the President of the Academy of Industrial Hygiene and is a Past President of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), Past Board member of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), Past President of the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation, A Fellow of AIHA , ASTM  and the Controlled Release Society.  He was awarded the Donald E. Cummings Award by the AIHA in 2005 and has received several other awards.  Zack is also a Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.  He currently serves as the Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability (founded by ASSE, AIHA and IOSH).

Zack is a past Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, a past member of the Graduate School Advisory Committee for the University of Kansas and was active in teaching in a number of other institutions.  

He is very well published in safety, industrial hygiene and the environment and sustainability with a large number of books, chapters, journal and magazine articles.  His most recent publications this year include the chapter on Best Practices in Industrial Hygiene in the ASSE Safety Professionals Handbook (2012) and the forthcoming NIOSH Respiratory Protection for CBRN (chapter 8) on Respirator Decontamination and Disposal.  

Zack specializes in management systems and business approaches to promote sustainability and environmental excellence.

For more information contact Zack Mansdorf at or 561-212-7288

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