Persuasive Communications for Safety Professionals


It takes more than being a subject matter expert to convince clients of the need for a certain course of action.  Learning how to communicate in the way that the client wants to receive information (rather than the way we're most comfortable in presenting it) is an important skill in persuading customers (both internal and external) to take our recommendations.  This session will present information about how to evaluate the best way to communicate with different types of customers, with a focus on how to effectively present information to the technical personality that makes up a large part of the "base" that EHS consultants work with.

Learning Outcome:  At the end of this session, attendees will have learned how to evaluate a customer's communication style and be able to more effectively get their message across to that customer.

This virtual class will take place on Wednesday, April 4 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CENTRAL.


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Speaker Information

Michael E. Rega CSP, Executive Vice President

A behavioral strategist and prolific author, Michael E. Rega is a leading authority on the disciplines of business development and leadership. He delivers passionate and inspiring material through his Path of Development series creating excitement and humor in a wide variety of business environments. The Path of Development (POD) is a ten-phase process that uses progressive knowledge to move professionals along a custom learning track by advancing knowledge into action. This development process creates true business value by finally crafting lasting behavioral change in you and your team.

ECG's proven customized program has literally returned millions of dollars in investment to our clients in business arenas from Healthcare to Environmental Sciences. Our training audit is the foremost and oldest in the industry and creatively links specific training techniques with your particular business challenges making every dollar and minute of your development pay hefty dividends for decades. "We live the life of your key people in order to build a bond between consultant and client that spans a career."

Michael E. Rega, CSP, is the executive vice president of the Ecliptic Consulting Group, Inc. After graduating from Arizona State University, he went on to graduate work in practical engineering at Purdue University, foreign language and culture at the University of Iowa, and completed his Masters of Science in Management Leadership (MSM) in the business college of University of South Florida. This varied business, educational, and cultural background allows a single point of contact in consulting, training, and program design. He has trained international teams in Asia, Europe, India, South America, and North America which brings a rich business cultural viewpoint to his presentations.
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