Compliance or Injury Prevention? Which is More Important?
We have come to believe that compliance with the law and preventing injury are one and the same.  But guess what?  They're not. The reason we have OSHA laws is to prevent injury and the great irony is that these very laws have become a distraction. Although it is imperative that we comply with the law, we need to make prevention our priority and start focusing on the real cause of accidents...human error.  We will introduce you to 4 simple techniques to assist you in your journey to injury prevention.

This virtual class will take place on Wednesday, May 12th from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM central time.


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About the Presenter

Larry Wilson is a frequent speaker at Health & Safety Conferences across Canada, the United States and Internationally. His public presentations include Keynote sessions with some of the largest Health & Safety Conferences in North America.
Larry has made over 2,000 plant and field observations in a variety of settings - steel mills, refineries, chemical plants, warehouses, airlines, drilling rigs, hospitals, and power plants - just to name a few.
Mr. Wilson also manages the Health & Safety Team at Electrolab and contributes articles to Health & Safety publications like Occupational Health & Safety, OHS Canada and Industrial Safety & Hygiene News.
As the Author of SafeStart: An Advanced Safety Awareness Training Program, Larry has compiled all his years of experiences into a common sense approach to working safely on and off the job.

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