ON-DEMAND - Slips, Trips and Falls: Best Practices and Standards

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Slips, trips and falls are a common safety concern that can happen in most any industry and any setting. The potential for accidents can be all around us. When it comes to addressing these types of hazards, the potential solutions can be just as numerous.

But there is a way forward. Let these nine recorded programs from a past ASSE event help you better manage slip, trip and fall hazards in your organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn best practices pertaining to slip resistant walking/working surfaces.
  • Evaluate current data addressing slip, trip and fall hazards and exposures.
  • Explore perspectives and procedures in slip, trip and fall among different industries and agencies, such as OSHA, the insurance industry, the hospitality industry and the construction and demolition industry.
  • Evaluate techniques used by SH&E professionals to investigate slip, trip and fall incidents.
  • Explore unique challenges with slips, trips and falls.
  • Discover methods for determining the ROI for implementing a successful slip, trip and fall program.
  • Determine how to achieve employee buy-in to slip, trip and fall programs.



  • Access to 9 video on-demand sessions with 120 day access of ANYTIME/ANYWHERE viewing
  • Slides from the sessions
  • 1.0 CEUs


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On-Demand Sessions Include:

Prevention Through Design: Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Wayne S. Maynard - Technical Director-Ergonomics & Tribology, Liberty Mutual Group
  • This presentation will review a managed approach to preventing slips, trips and falls with key emphasis on facility design not addressed in the International Building Codes and ADA. Applying human factors with Prevention through Design strategies starting with walkway surface material selection; use of color and contrast at transitions; planning pedestrian travel into a facility, stairway; and entrance design will be discussed.

Surefooted Safety: Training Strategies for Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Robert Pater - Managing Director, SSA/MoveSMART®
  • Slips, trips and falls are prevalent and costly injuries - despite companies implementing numerous engineering and footwear controls. Experience worldwide with numerous companies has shown that one significant key to prevention - with aging workforces, employees transitioning to tasks, outside staff and more - is to raise workers' control of their own skills for preventing slips, trips and falls. This webinar focuses on proven strategies for designing training to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Same Level Slips, Trips and Falls - An Insurance Perspective

  • James D. Smith - Managing Director, Southeast Region Risk Control Services, Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services
  • In various industries, slips, trips and falls on the same level are one of the leading causes of liability claims and worker injuries. These types of injuries require site exposure assessments, creating effective risk treatments to offer better means to control or minimize these exposures. When claims are reported, insurance or third party administrators might use various claims management practices to handle liability. Whether you have an insurance program that is a high dollar self insured retention program or one with a standard deductible, this presentation will address various aspects of a slip, trip and fall program that can help you reduce exposures and associated costs of claims.

Investigating Slip, Trip and Fall Mishaps

  • Tim Joganich - Senior Biomechanical Engineer, ARCCA
  • This presentation covers the basics of investigating a slip, trip and fall mishaps from collecting data out in the field to the analysis/conclusion stage of the investigation. A unique aspect of the presentation covers collecting medical/injury information for biomechanical analysis to address potential fraud claims.

Architectural Best Practices for Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Lawrence Dinoff, AIA, NCARB - Chief Technical Officer, Robson Forensic, Inc.
  • Causes of many fall-down injuries are traceable to choices made during the design, construction and commissioning of a facility. This session will analyze issues of building design, functional analysis, component and material selection, and maintenance planning that affect the safety of users and can reduce the likelihood of slips, trips and falls.

Slips, Trips and Falls in the Service Industry

  • David M. Natalizia - Principal, Dynamic Safety, Inc.

Slips, Trips and Falls in the Construction Industry

  • Phil Colleran - Safety and Health Consultant

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance: The Key To Slips and Falls Prevention

  • Wayne S. Maynard - Technical Director-Ergonomics & Tribology, Liberty Mutual Group
  • Key to prevention of slips and falls is selection of slip resistant flooring and keeping those floors clean and dry as possible. This session will provide an overview of a slip and fall prevention continuum with an emphasis on housekeeping, floor cleaning methods and maintenance practices. This session will address types of floor cleaners including features and benefits, selection guidelines for cleaning chemicals, importance of formal floor cleaning protocols and a discussion of floor treatments including waxes, polishes and slip resistant treatments.

Management Controls: Operating and Maintaining Facilities to Minimize Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Steven Di Pilla - Directory, Research and Development, ESIS, Inc. - Global Risk Control Services
  • Managing and maintaining facilities is as important as proper design. This session addresses the less tangible features of slip and fall prevention and mitigation, such as inspection and maintenance, lighting, de-icing/snow removal, construction/special event control, and contractual arrangements. A successful and efficient effort to managing slip and fall risk requires an integrated approach. The session emphasizes that rather than having a separate slip/fall initiative to cover managing and maintaining a fall-free facility, controls are best integrated with established programs or departments.


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