Leading an Ergonomic Culture to Achieve Multiple Returns

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Soft-tissue and other "wear down" injuries can seriously affect a workforce - especially one that is aging. And, for many companies, traditional approaches have shown limited results, with many stuck on a performance plateau. And ergonomic problems can affect everyone - from those doing physical work, managers, dispersed/field employees, office workers and more.

The good news is that, with the right strategy and implementation, developing a high performance ergonomic culture can benefit companies on 3 concentric levels 1) prevent many physical ergonomic-related injuries & illnesses 2) propel overall safety results & culture, even with non-ergonomic related issues and simultaneously 3) promote a sustaining, high performance environment of engagement, creativity & quality.

Focus in this webinar is on providing proven, efficient approaches for accomplishing several objectives:  building a critical mass of workers directing attention, adjusting to small changes that build toward enhancing safety & overall performance.

Topics include:
  • Recognizing "hidden" managerial and employee challenges/obstacles to improving ergonomic actions and performance
  • Identifying strengths and limitations of 9 traditional ergonomic "solutions"
  • Characteristics of highest-level ergonomic culture
  • Assessing 3 strategic approaches to ergonomic interventions
  • 5 critical components for building an "ergonomic mindset" throughout your company
  • Leadership strategies for moving towards higher-level 3-level ergonomic performance and culture


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Date: January 15, 2014

Time: 12:00 PM EST

Duration: 90 minutes

Speaker Information

Robert Pater, Managing Director, SSA/MoveSMART® 

Robert founded SSA and the MoveSMART® program based on his education in Organizational Development (BA) and Industrial Psychology (MA), his extensive work with corporations and organizations worldwide, and three decades of training in the martial arts (Shidare Yanagi Ryu Aikijujitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu and others). He is a frequent conference speaker and has been published widely in a number of respected publications. He currently writes a monthly column in Occupational Health & Safety magazine

Clients include: 3M, Airgas, Alaska Tanker Company, American Airlines, Amtrak, BHP Billiton, BP, Domtar, FMI, General Cable, Halliburton, Honda, Marathon Oil, Meggitt, Michelin, Nissan, Noble Drilling, Northwest Natural, Pitney Bowes, Southern Nuclear, Sparkletts/Danone Water, United Airlines, URS, US Steel, Vestas, Weatherford, Xerox and many others.
His leadership book, Leading From Within, has been published in 5 languages.
Robert's articles have appeared in numerous journals, such as: Safety+Health, Occupational Hazards, Compliance, Safe Workplace, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, The Self-Insurer, Nation's Business, Professional Safety and many others.

He currently writes 2 columns: bi-monthly ("Leading Thoughts") for Professional Safety magazine and monthly ("Breakthrough Strategies") for Occupational Health & Safety.
Presentations: Robert has keynoted numerous corporate and international conferences and appeared on CNN, ABC World News and in many television, radio shows and printed journals. He has presented at over 22 ASSE conferences. This is his 21st webinar for ASSE.




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