Hearing Loss Prevention - An ASSE Webinar TRIPLE Header!
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Hearing Loss Prevention - An ASSE Webinar TRIPLE Header!

December 4-5, 2013 - 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CENTRAL

Take part in two LIVE webinars and one ON-DEMAND webinar on hearing loss - ALL for one low price!


Webinar 1 - Occupational and Environmental Noise Risk Identification and Assessment to Validate Controls and a Hearing Conservation Program

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013: 11am-12:30pm CENTRAL

The scope and application of the session is to provide participants with the knowledge to identify, quantify, and evaluate occupational and environmental noise sources which affect at-risk workers, surrounding community, and natural environment.  The session will include some discussion on the causation of hearing loss, physiological or psychological effects from noise exposure or hearing loss, ramifications associated with calibration or interpreting audiometric data, the need for follow-up examination and subsequent medical intervention in cases with substantiated hearing loss.

Speaker:Bernard L. Fontaine, Jr., CIH, CSP


Webinar 2 - What are the 85-3 Coalition and the Dangerous Decibels Program

Thursday, December 5th, 2013: 11am-12:30pm CENTRAL

The OSHA PEL for noise is over 35 years old now, and a new movement the 85-3 Coalition has been formed in an effort to get companies to adopt a more protective criterion for noise exposure. The differences between the two and the need for change will be explained, as will a new teaching concept called Dangerous Decibels, which is used to teach school kids about the hazards of noise.

Speaker: John C. Ratliff, MSPH, CSP, CIH


Webinar 3 (ON-DEMAND): ANSI/ASSE A10.46-2013 Hearing Loss Prevention in Construction and Demolition Workers

Speaker: Scott Schneider, Director of Occupational Safety and Health, Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America


Learning Objectives

  1. Noise hazards in the workplace or environment and the effect of noise on people
  2. Other notable occupational causes for temporary or permanent hearing loss
  3. Hazard identification and assessment of noise exposures and sources
  4. Construct of a risk register and a quantitative/qualitative determination of risk
  5. Correct method of noise measurement to quantify risk to exposed workers
  6. Understand obligations of the OSHA Noise/Hearing Conservation standard
  7. Method to conduct validated noise surveys of the workplace to assess risk
  8. Consequence of health and well-being from excessive noise exposure
  9. Basic physiological and psychological effects of excessive noise on hearing and hearing loss
  10. Significance of data interpretation in relation to OSHA noise standard
  11. Examples of engineering and administrative noise control mechanisms
  12. Selection and use of personal protective equipment based on noise level



  • BOTH live webcasts with 60 DAY access to archived recordings for ANYTIME/ANYWHERE viewing
  • Immediate access to the ON-DEMAND webinar recording.
  • Slides from both sessions
  • 0.5 CEUs


Webinar Pricing

  • Member Price: $115.00
  • AIHA/ACHMM Price: $125.00 (PLEASE NOTE: When registering online, you must enter the following coupon code AIHA1911 for a $10.00 discount. Register online as a "Non-Member" and enter this coupon code into the field for "Registration Discount Code".)
  • List Price: $135.00


Speaker Information

Bernard L. Fontaine, Jr., CIH, CSP

Mr. Fontaine has over 37 years professional and business experience in regulatory compliance, general industry, construction, maritime, oil/gas, mining, energy, insurance, national defense, environmental services, and consulting. He specializes in forming cross-functional and cross-regional teams and he has developed and supported complex, multi-year consulting engagements. His leadership skills has driven cost-effective solutions for public and private sectors in areas of industrial hygiene, risk management, loss control and worker compensation claim, safety system management, occupational and public health, process and product safety throughout the supply chain, ergonomics, indoor air quality, emergency response, and training workers and their supervisors. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Science from Northeastern University and completed his clinical internship at Brigham Hospital for Women in Boston. He received a Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Oklahoma and continued his post-graduate work toward a Master in Business Administration at Portsmouth College. Mr. Fontaine is completing his dissertation by leveraging occupational and environmental health and safety science toward sustainable excellence, social responsibility, best practices, six sigma, and risk governance. Mr. Fontaine is currently Managing Partner of The Windsor Consulting Group, Inc., a Certified Industrial Hygienist, and a Certified Safety Professional.

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John C. Ratliff, MSPH, CSP, CIH

John C. Ratliff Organization JC Ratliff and Associates

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