ON-DEMAND: Safety Issues in the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector

Oil rigs. Drilling operations. Around the world and deep undersea, those workers in the upstream oil and gas sector search for, recover and produce the crude oil and natural gas that helps to keep our world running. As people working in the field often say, it can be very rewarding work.

But as we know, with those rewards, comes risk.

Learn all about the risks to workers in the upstream sector by taking part in this self-paced e-learning experience!

This e-learning event is made up of TEN individual sessions. You may view these sessions at any time!

After viewing the 10 sessions, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe risks specific to those working in hydraulic fracturing operations.   
  • Explain fall protections hazards inherent to workers in the upstream oil sector.  
  • Appraise emerging upstream oil industry trends, benchmarking them against their own safety management approaches.  
  • Recall the dangers, exposure limits and safety best practices surrounding Hydrogen Sulfide.  
  • Better manage safety-related decisions in projects with contractors.  
  • Examine their journey management operations with the goal of minimizing risks and exposures.  
  • Analyze and successfully respond to environmentally focused regulatory changes that may come from local, state and Federal agencies.  
  • Communicate more effectively to their organization's crisis management team in order to develop a more robust emergency response process.  
  • Discuss recent advances in protective performance testing of flame resistant clothing.

Core Features of the Virtual Symposium:

  • Sessions: With recorded programs from experts in the field, you'll have access to a depth of experience from safety practitioners just like yourself, discussing the latest trends and best practices.   
  • Resource Room: From session slides to bonus video content, articles and proceedings papers, each Virtual Symposium contains a variety of different supplemental learning materials that pertain to the symposium theme. 
  • CEUs: 1.6 CEUs.


List of Session Included

Session Speaker(s)

Regulatory/Compliance panel discussion

Panel discussion

Communicating in a Crisis

Pam Walaski, CSP, CHMM, President of JC Safety & Environmental, Inc

Hydrogen Sulfide Exposures in the Upstream

Wayne Vanderhoof, CSP, President of RJR Safety Inc.

Fall Protection Concerns in Upstream Operations
Click here to view a video by the speakers.

Tracey Riepenhoff, P.E., C.S.P., P.M.P. and Nolan Miller, P.E., C.S.P.

Managing Contractor Safety on Major Oil and Gas Capital Projects

Jack Toellner, P.E., CSP, Senior Safety Consultant, ExxonMobil Development Company

Duration and Energy of Flash Fires and Evaluation of FR Clothing

Scott Margolin, Westex

Surface Spills in Hydraulic Fracturing and Recommendations for Improved Safety Management

Jennifer Sahmel, MPH, CIH, CSP; ChemRisk, LLC

Does New Drilling Rig Technology Lead to Fewer Worker Injuries?

Ryan Hill, MPH, NIOSH


Virtual Symposium Pricing

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  • List Price $225.00



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