The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) is dedicated to continuous quality improvement and patient centered imaging.  ASNC’s commitment to its members and their patients has positioned the Society as a leader in quality assurance within the nuclear cardiovascular community.

ASNC continues to create new partnerships and alliances in an ongoing effort to promote responsible and appropriate imaging within the medical community and create a unified, inclusive community of research, innovation, and education.

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On-Demand Webinars

Fulfill MIPS Requirements with ASNCís ImageGuide Registry
Recorded on: February 1, 2017

Success in Quality Payment: An ASNC webinar series - Part Two: Making MIPS Work: What You Need to Know for 2017
Recorded on: December 14, 2016

Understanding Quality in Healthcare and Nuclear Cardiology
Recorded on: June 21, 2016

ASNC imaging guidelines for SPECT nuclear cardiology procedures: Stress, protocols, and tracers
Recorded on: March 17, 2016

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