About ASDSO’s Webinars
A critical part of ASDSO’s mission is the education of the engineers and other professionals working in dam safety.  The ASDSO Training Committee is pleased to offer web-based seminars as part of its Distance Learning Program.  Generally, ASDSO webinars are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each calendar month except for September.  All webinars are two hours long. The presentations are conducted by experts in a variety of dam safety topics, and are produced by CommPartners, a professional on-line media solutions provider.

Please bookmark this site, as details on upcoming and archived webinars are added on a regular basis.  Contact ASDSO at 859-550-2788 or info@damsafety.org with questions.

Before You Begin
Arm yourself with the information you need to fully participate in the ASDSO webinar program.

  1. I know which webinar topic I’m interested in. Should I register for the Live or the Archived version?
  2. There are several people in my office or classroom who want this training. Can I show the webinar to a group?
  3. How do I get PDH credits for participating?
  4. I see multiple webinars on the schedule or in the on-demand library that would benefit me or my staff. Can I register for more than one event and pay in a single transaction?
  5. Webinar content is not downloadable to my computer. How can I keep a copy of this training in our office or classroom for the benefit of future employees or students?
  6. The on-line registration function requires a credit card payment, which I am unable to do. How do I register and pay by check or purchase order?

Browse topics in both the “Upcoming Webinars” and “On-Demand Webinars” sections of this website.  Select the “More Info” button for any webinar to view the course overview, agenda and speaker info.  Select the “Register” button and view the contents of your cart.  Click Check Out, fill out the registration form and pay with a credit card.  You will receive an auto-generated email message containing the link to the webinar site, and your personal login and password.  Please KEEP this confirmation email, FOLLOW the instructions for testing your computer, and USE the information to access the webinar.

Live or Archived?  Participants have the option of registering for the live broadcast or the digitally archived version of any webinar.  Live broadcasts offer the valuable opportunity for real-time interaction with the instructors, who can answer questions via phone connections or the software’s live chat feature.  Bonus: Individuals who register for the live broadcast may also access the archived version of the webinar following the live broadcast. Contact damsafety@commpartners.com to receive an email with the separate login and password for the archived version of the webinar.

Register for the archived version if you are unable to participate at the time of the broadcast, but want to view the presentation later.  Registration for the archived webinar allows the registrant to access the webinar site on-demand (any time 24/7) up to 25 times during the year following the date of purchase

BOTH versions allow registered participants to complete the quiz at the end and receive the PDH credit.  (That’s why the registration fee is the same for either webinar format.)

About Viewing Webinars in a Group Setting  Participants are welcome and encouraged to view the webinars in a group setting.  Only one registration for the live event is needed to show the broadcast.  However, individuals who watch the live event in a group setting and also wish to receive the PDH credits, should register and pay for the archived version of the webinar.  You will receive a link to access the webinar recording, and will be able to complete the quiz for PDH credit. 

About PDH Credit A certificate for 2 professional development hours is generated upon successful completion of the post-webinar quiz.  This certificate automatically prints the name of the person listed in the “Registrant Info” section of the on-line form.  If another person fills out the registration form for you, please make sure your name and email address are listed correctly.  If you are registering on behalf of someone else, please enter in the name and email address of the person who will actually participate and complete the quiz, so that the PDH certificate will be printed with the correct name. NOTE to professional engineers licensed in New York State: Please check the eligibility requirements for continuing education credits for the specific webinar(s) you would like to attend.

How to Register for More One Than Webinar  Browse all topics in both the “Upcoming Webinars” and “On-Demand Webinars” sections of this website.  Make your first selection and click the “Register” button to go to the registration form. The title of your selected webinar and the associated fee will appear in your Cart Contents.  Click the appropriate tab (Upcoming or On-Demand) to locate the next title you want to register for and repeat. When you have added all the webinars to your cart, click “Check-Out”.

Keeping Webinar Content for Future Use  All ASDSO webinar recordings are available for purchase in the ASDSO on-line bookstore.  Purchasing a CD is not the same as registering for the archived version of the webinar.  You do not log in to the web or use a password to access the content.  You also do not have the opportunity to complete the quiz and receive a printed PDH certificate.  But you can keep this valuable resource in your permanent library of dam safety training.  See Audio-Visual bookstore products HERE.

Payment Options  If you cannot pay your fee on-line with a credit card, send an email to info@damsafety.org with the following information:  (1) The title or titles of the webinars you want to register for, and whether you want Live or Archived format;  (2) Full contact information, including email address for the webinar registrant; and (3) Full contact information (if different) for the person responsible for payment.