Learning Voyages

Learning Voyages are structured, collaborative learning activities that occur over time, incorporating participants’ experiences into the learning activities. 

Here’s How it Works

Hospitals who sign up for a Learning Voyage identify 4-10 staff to participate as a team.  These could be established quality focused teams or a group of participants brought together just for the course, depending on the topic and the needs of the hospital.

An initial online meeting presents the topic, sets expectations, and gets commitment and engagement.  Participants get comfortable using the online community; their first task is to create  goals and then post them for sharing with others on the journey.

Teams take part in multiple online events, normally occurring every two weeks.  These might be webinars, online meetings, online chats or teleconference calls.

Interactions within and across teams, are encouraged and supported--hard questions asked, methods examined and new ideas born. Faculty  post questions and assign short tasks.


Learning Voyages typically continue over three to six months.  The journey culminates in the delivery of a summary of insights and recommendations—in the form of a webinar, paper, teleconference, poster, or other format--presented by participants to the full Nursing Quality Network .  These results are trackable using NDNQI data and other metrics. 

Not only do participants bring back the benefit of this rich collaboration to their facilities, they make a solid contribution to the body of knowledge that enhances professional nursing as a whole.  


More upcoming Learning Voyages coming soon!