Do you offer Continuing Education?  How does it work?
We are pleased to offer continuing education contact hours to all nurses who participate in a webinar at your site.

Registration offers a single access to the webinar.  This access can be used in a conference room with multiple staff in attendance.  Where multiple nurses view the webinar at a single site, all are eligible to receive contact hours for this activity, upon completion of the online evaluation and verification of their attendance at the webinar.

Webinar attendees will receive a link to an online evaluation.  The link will be provided at the end of the webinar and also by e-mail to the person that registered, who can distribute that link to everyone in the room.  Each attendee completes the evaluation separately and confirms that they attended the webinar and earned the contact hour.  They will then enter their contact information, and a CE certificate will be sent to them within three weeks of the webinar.

Continuing Education contact hours are also offered for viewing the recorded version of the webinar.  In that case, contact hours are only offered to the person who purchased the webinar for viewing.

What Payment Methods can I use?
From the Home page, click on Register Now to complete your webinar registration online and pay by credit card. 

If you would like to receive an invoice to pay by check, please send the following information to NursingQuality@commpartners.com with the title and date of the event in the subject line:
First name, Last name, Organization, Address, City, State, Zip code, Phone number, Email address, and if applicable, the discount code being used.

Upon receipt of this information, CommPartners, the technology provider for ANA, will provide an invoice for the appropriate fees.  PLEASE NOTE that your registration is complete when the check payment has been received.  Event or archive access instructions will not be provided until the check payment has been received.  Requests to pay by check must be received 7 or more days prior to live events.

Once we receive the payment, we will register you for the webinar, and you will receive information to access the webinar or teleforum.  You do not have to complete the online registration information when paying by check.


What Discounts are available?
Discounts are offered to NDNQI hospitals and ANA members.  To obtain the discount, enter the code ANA2010 after you have added the webinar to your cart.

Additional discounts are also available for multiple hospitals in a system which register for a webinar.  Please contact NursingQuality@commpartners.com for additional information.

Where is my Registration Information?  How do I access the Webinar?
A confirmation email is sent to the email address provided during registration.  Where a group is attending the webinar, only the person who registered will receive an email.

Where are the Handouts?
Within the confirmation email is a link to the Handouts area.  A copy of the speaker slides will be posted there once finalized.  Please check that area just before the webinar begins.

Do I have to have a phone to hear the webinar?
Yes.  For the highest quality sound, we broadcast the audio portion of the webinar using a phone rather than your computerís speakers.