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Physician Payment 2.0: The new menu of payment options
July 28, 2011
The American Medical Association (AMA) has set forth its proposal to eliminate the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula and transition to a new menu of physician payment and delivery innovations. This 60-minute webinar, led by Jeremy Lazarus, MD, AMA president-elect, will:


  • Discuss new initiatives and pilot programs being tested in Medicare and the private sector.
  • Cover the AMA's advocacy efforts with Congress and the administration around the physician payment issue
  • Explain the AMA's comments on the proposed federal ACO rule
  • Describe the AMA's educational resources for physicians on physician payment
Harold Miller, executive director of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform, will also join the discussion. Miller is a nationally recognized expert in accountable care organizations and other delivery system innovations, and he is well-versed in real-life examples of physicians who have successfully redesigned practices to improve care coordination and quality.
Submit your questions for Dr. Lazarus on this topic by contacting us at webinarquestions@ama-assn.org and Dr. Lazarus and Mr. Miller will address them during the presentation.
AMA members and Federation staff registration is FREE.
If you are part of the Federation staff, please contact Terri Marchiori at terri.marchiori@ama-assn.org to obtain your discount code. (Please make sure you select "non member" during the check out procedure)
Non-AMA Members Registration Fee is $39.
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